How much does IVF cost?

There are three main types of costs for your fertility treatment:

  • Pre-treatment expenses
  • IVF cycle costs
  • Advanced science costs

1. Pre-treatment expenses

Your first appointment and initial tests

Before you see your Hunter IVF fertility specialist for the first time, make sure you have a valid referral on behalf of both partners from your GP or Obstetrician.

You need to have a valid referral at all times during your treatment with us to be eligible for Medicare rebates and the safety net.

  • GP referrals typically last 12 months or they can be marked ‘indefinite’
  • Specialist referrals are only valid for three months so you will need to update it

During your first appointment, your specialist will assess your medical history and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Further investigations, such as blood tests, semen analysis or ultrasound tests, may be required. Your first appointment has an average fee of $250, and is eligible for a medicare rebate.

2. IVF treatment cycle costs

The following table provides an estimate of expected out-of-pocket costs for fertility treatment at Hunter IVF.

Your fertility specialist will work with you to determine the most suitable treatment option to give you, your best chance of having a baby.

Hunter Lite

At Hunter IVF we offer a simplified treatment model that uses fewer fertility drugs and hormones to create a smaller number of good quality embryos, which for suitable patients gives an excellent chance of pregnancy success. Please note some eligibility criteria applies.

Costs correct at 1 May 2021    
Cycle paymentEstimated out of pocket costs
1st cycle in a calendar year (safety net not reached)
Estimated out of pocket costs
subsequent cycles in a calendar year (safety net reached)
IVF cycle$3,236.05$2,342$842
ICSI cycle$3,372.75$2,368$870
FET cycle$2,158$2,158.15$1,428

Hunter Premium

For more complex fertility conditions your fertiity specialist may recommened the Hunter premium treatment model.

Costs correct at 1 May 2021
Cycle paymentEstimated out of pocket costs
1st cycle in a calendar year (safety net not reached)
Estimated out of pocket costs
subsequent cycles in a calendar year (safety net reached)
IVF cycle$9,974$5,021$4,456
ICSI cycle$10,754$5,321$4,756
Frozen embryo transfer (FET)$3,797$2,251$2,352
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)$2,611$1,916$2,060
Ovulation Induction (OI)$700$700$700
ServiceCostMedicare rebate
Embryo freeze$600 (includes 6mths storage)Nil
Sperm freeze$450 (includes 6mths storage)Nil
Surgical sperm collection - transcutaneous $675Yes
Surgical sperm collection - open$850Yes

The quoted treatment cycle costs cover all aspects of treatment, including specialist/nursing consultations, ultrasound scans, blood tests, standard laboratory scientific techniques, ongoing supportive counselling (while on treatment), embryo transfer procedure, pregnancy test and early pregnancy care support.

There are some costs not covered by the above, including:

Medication - In line wit all other prescription medications, the medications you require for fertility treatment will incur an additional cost. These medications are ordered through a pharmacy, and will be delivered to your clinic prior to your fertility treatmetn commencing.

Day surgery fees - Such as hospital bed fees and anaesthetist costs. If you have private health insurance check with your health fund to see if they cover some or all of these. Quote item numbers 13212 and 13215 for day patient procedures as an IVF patient.

If you don’t have private insurance, your day surgery fees will vary depending on the private hospital and the anaesthetist. A Medicare rebate will apply to anaesthetist’s charges.

3. Advanced science costs

If your treatment involves advanced diagnostics or analysis, there are additional costs.

(correct at 30 June 2016)
CostMedicare Rebate
Digital High Magnification$300Nil
Assisted hatching$275Nil
PGD with Karyomapping
(for single gene disorders)
(preliminary evaluation)
+ $700 per embryo
(max of $2,460 for 6 or more)
PGD with Array CGH
(advanced embryo selection for chromosomal abnormalities)
$700 per embryo
(max of $3,995 for 6 or more)
Oosight technology

4. Donor program

Access to Medicare rebates for our donor program is dependent on the presence of a medical reason for treatment. Patients should be aware that if there is no medical reason identified for treatment, then Medicare rebates are not available. All fees associated with accessing our donor program are the responsibility of the recipient/s, and the table below outlines the various donor programs offered at IVFAUstralia and their costs.

If you require fertility treatment involving our donor program, once your treatment plan has been agreed with your specialist, our experienced patient support team will contact you within 48 hours to provide you with a formal quote. 

(Correct at 30 June 2016)

Please note, in addition to the fees for your IVF/ICSI/IUI cycle, you will also incur the fees below depending on which donor program you are accessing.
Sperm donation
Addition to deidentified sperm donor wait list$150
Preparation of known sperm donor$1,855
De-identified sperm donor access fees - per cycle

AUS Donor $750
US Donor - speak to the donor team

Egg donation
Preparation of known egg donor$865
Egg donor cycle planning fee$400
Embryo donation
Embryo donor waiting list fee$150
Preparation of embryo donor$1,700

For more information

Contact our information line where our experienced team can answer your questions in relation to IVF and related treatment costs, the Medicare rebate, payment plans, and Health Fund rebates.

Phone 1800 111 483 or Email Us your questions.

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