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Does the collection of more eggs increase your chance of pregnancy from IVF?

New research indicates that egg quantity is an important determinant of IVF success One of the success factors many women and couples focus on when undergoing IVF treatment is the number of eggs retrieved at the oocyte pick up (OPU) stage of the cycle.
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Australian women are increasingly turning to egg freezing to protect their fertility

Egg freezing, originally developed to protect the future fertility of oncology patients before they started their cancer treatment, is now an established fertility preservation technique, with thousands of healthy babies born around the world.
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Interview with a Sperm Donor

Becoming a sperm donor is a generous act enabling many families in Australia their only chance of having a family. Sperm donation requires careful consideration so it may help to hear from a previous sperm donor about his motivations and experience for helping others create their family:
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What are the alternatives to IVF?

As many as 1 in 6 Australian couples will have difficulties conceiving when they decide to start or extend their family. Pregnancy delay is still a relatively ‘silent’ topic, with many couples preferring not to openly discuss their difficulties when trying for a baby.
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Why is iodine important to preconception and pregnancy health?

One in six Australian couples struggle to conceive and for many of these couples it is important to understand that lifestyle factors such as weight and diet can play an essential role in improving your fertility.
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Good advice for supporting a friend with infertility

Infertility and fertility treatment is understandably a very sensitive area.
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Endometrial Scratching & IVF

After multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles, couples often ask about alternative techniques that they can try on their next cycle to increase their chance of pregnancy. One such technique is endometrial scratching. So, is endometrial scratching as uncomfortable as it sounds, and can it increase your chance of having a baby?
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IUI versus IVF

Four things you should know when comparing IUI and IVF A common dilemma faced by some couples who are having difficulties conceiving is whether to undertake IUI or IVF treatment.
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Fertility and Smoking

Clear the air for your fertility, pregnancy and baby One of the most common questions asked by couples on their fertility journey is “What can I do to improve my chance of conceiving?”
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