Would you like to be a Sperm Donor?

Donating sperm gives others the chance to have a baby, and is an incredibly generous gift. For some people, using donated sperm is their only chance of conceiving a child – so please consider whether you could offer the gift of life to others.

We need more sperm donors at Hunter IVF

For many of our patients with fertility issues, male reproductive issues are their main concern. Some men cannot produce any sperm, due to problems with the tube that carries sperm (vas deferens), or due to illness.
As a sperm donor, you play a crucial role in our program so we’ll make it is as simple and straightforward as possible, including:

  • Flexible appointment times to fit with your schedule
  • Tests and collection in our private clinic
  • Complete confidentiality during the process, this will be coordinated by our Donor Program Manager
  • Reimbursement for expenses you incur during the process (parking, travel, medical expenses and some compensation for your time)

Can I be a sperm donor?

If you’re a healthy man aged between 25 and 45, please consider donating directly to our clinic so we can allocate your sperm to those who need it most.

Why should I be a sperm donor?

There are many good reasons to become a sperm donor:

  • If you have children of your own, and want to help others experience that joy
  • If you’re not ready to have a family of your own, but want to help others
  • If you’d like to have a full general health and fertility check for your own peace of mind
  • If you know someone who is trying to conceive and want to donate to them directly.

Can I be paid to be a sperm donor?

No. In Australia, it’s illegal to take payment for any human tissue, including sperm. However, you can have your travel or parking expenses paid for  - either by the recipient if they are known to you, or by Hunter IVF.
You’ll need to allow up to four hours in total for consultations and tests.

How do I become a sperm donor?

Contact us now on (02) 4957 8515, and we’ll put you in touch with our Donor Program Manager.
You’ll then attend at least two sessions with a Hunter IVF counsellor to discuss the social, ethical and legal implications of sperm donation. We’ll also ask you to sign a consent form.
Next, one of our fertility specialists will review your medical history, analyse a semen sample and screen your blood for infectious diseases and some genetic conditions.
Once you’re accepted into the program you’ll need to have several visits to the clinic for donation appointments. Your sperm is quarantined for six months, and then we test your blood again for infectious diseases.
Once your sperm is cleared, it will be used as part of IVF treatment to help someone conceive their baby.

To find out more about becoming a sperm donor, email our Donor Program Manager at donorsupport@ivf.com.au and download our patient booklet on sperm donation.

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