Need a Sperm Donor?

Hunter IVF provides a sperm donation program to help heterosexual couples, same sex couples and single women successfully conceive their baby.

You can use sperm donated by someone you know, or by someone who has made a de-identified donation directly to our clinic. As part of IVFAustralia we can provide patients with access to a pool of potential de-identified donors, including donors recruited from both Australia and overseas.

The first step

The first step is a consultation with a fertility specialist who will discuss the process, assess the health of the woman or couple seeking the donation, and arrange any preliminary testing that is needed.

The couple (or single woman/women if applicable) will then need to meet with a counsellor and discuss the long term implications of treatment using donated sperm.

The next step is to choose a donor that will be suitable for you. If you do now have a known donor you will be given access to our password protected sperm donor programme website. This site holds a database of all the donors that are currently available to choose from. 

You will be able to view questionnaires that have been completed by the donors about themselves and their family.

Once you have decided on a donor and liaised with our donor manager to confirm the donation you will be ready to commence your cycle with your fertility specialist.

Contact us to find out more about using donor sperm.

Using donor sperm from overseas

Hunter IVF has always maintained a high calibre of locally recruited donors, however there has been a shortage of local donors. Now as part of IVFAustralia, we can provide patients with access to international donors as IVFAustralia has an agreement with an overseas clinic to allow our patients to access overseas recruited donors as well.

This arrangement meets Australia’s highest ethical standards. IVFAustralia adheres to practices developed by the Reproductive Technology Committee (RTAC) of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA). 

The recruitment and counselling process for clinic-recruited donors complies fully with the national ethical standards set out by the Australian Health Ethics Committee of the National Health and Medical Resource Council (NHMRC), and the requirements of the 2007 NSW Assisted Reproductive Technology Act, and 2009 Regulations for this Act.

What’s the difference between American and Australian donors

The American donors are recruited for us by an agency based in Seattle.  Accordingly, the recruitment expenses are higher for an American donor than for an Australian donor.

However, the US donors are all still participating on the same ethical basis as the Australian donors.  In other words, there is no payment of donors other than reasonable expenses.  The same limit on the number of families created still applies and American donors will, like the Australian donors, release their identifying information to be available to the children later.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our current donors please phone 1800 111 483 or Email Us.

As a patient of Hunter IVF you will be given access to a secure website that provides details of the donor profiles for your consideration and selection. You will be able to view questionnaires written by our donor about them and their families.

How does sperm donation work?

All our donors, whether they are recruited locally or overseas, undergo rigorous preparation for donation, including:

Medical Screening: Thorough medical history, including family and genetic history; tests for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, HTLV I & II, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Chromosomes, blood group, Rhesus antibodies and full blood count.

Genetic testing:  performed to screen for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, and others depending on ethnic background.

Quarantine: All donors sperm is quarantined for 3 to 6 months, and donors are re-screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, HTLV I & II and syphilis prior to release for treatment.

Counselling:  donors and their partners spend time with our counsellors to consider the legal, psychological and implications of donation. All donors consent to have their identifying information entered to the NSW Central Donor Register, so children born from donation can access it once they turn 18.

Family Limit: All donors are only able to help create five families worldwide. As we reserve one family for our donor, we can only allow four women access to a donor at any time.

Once the donor sperm is released from quarantine, the recipient’s eggs can then be fertilised using either IUI (interuterine insemination) or IVF treatment with ICSI.

Who can be a sperm donor?

Healthy men aged between 25 and 45 can donate directly to Hunter IVF as a sperm donor. If you have a relative or friend who can donate and is over 45, we can make exceptions to this age limit.

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to find out more about using donor sperm.

Download our patient booklet on using a known sperm donor.

Download our patient booklet on sperm donation.

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