Egg Donation

If you are unable to conceive using your own eggs, Hunter IVF offers egg donation treatment.

We are unable to recruit a donor for you, but we can advise you and provide practical assistance to help you find a suitable donor. Often, it will be a friend or family member. Occasionally, a woman might contact our clinic directly and offer to donate their eggs, and we are able to put them in contact with one of our patients who is seeking a donor.

Who can be an egg donor?

Ideally, donors should be aged between 25 and 38, and have completed their own family. Before they can donate, we take their genetic, social and medical history (including blood tests). The pregnancy rate using donor eggs depends on the age of the donor, and the number and quality of her eggs.

How does egg donation work?

After the initial consultation, both the recipient and the donor receive counselling to work through the legal, social, genetic and moral implications of the donation.
The donor then undergoes an IVF cycle so her eggs can be collected in a simple day surgery procedure, under light general anaesthetic. These eggs are then fertilised and one or two are transferred as embryos to the recipient.

Can egg donation help me conceive?

You may be unable to use your own eggs for IVF treatment if any of the following apply:

  • if you are going through premature menopause
  • if there is a risk of passing on genetic disease
  • if your ovaries have been affected by chemotherapy or serious illness, or
  • if you’ve had IVF treatment but repeated cycles have indicated poor egg quality

Contact us to find out more about our egg donation program.

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