Fertility Assessment

Initial appointment with your Fertility Specialist

Your first step is to organise an appointment with one of our fertility specialists, who will review your medical history, assess your general health, and arrange initial tests and investigations for you and your partner.

Please bring a doctor’s referral from a GP (valid for 12 months) or specialist gynaecologist or obstetrician (valid for three months). This will also ensure you are eligible for Medicare rebates.

Your tests may include some or all of the following:

Blood tests for women

  • rubella immunity (German measles),
  • chicken pox,
  • hepatitis B and C,
  • HIV,
  • full blood count, checking your blood group, your thyroid status and
  • current pap smear (within last 2 years);

Other tests

  • vaginal ultrasound to check for fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts, and to act as a ‘baseline’ for reference during your treatment

Blood tests for men

  • HIV
  • hepatitis B and C

Other tests

  • semen analysis to check for antibodies and any possible infection

It’s important to carry our your semen analysis at Hunter IVF’s laboratory before you start treatment with us, even if you have had this test before with your GP, as results can vary over time.

Once we have the results of these tests, your fertility specialist will meet with you again to explain in detail your recommended treatment plan.

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New patient appointments

After the fertility specialist appointment we will arrange for you to meet a nurse, counsellor and admin team member to prepare for treatment. At these meetings the following will be explained:

  • meeting with a nurse who will explain what to expect in your upcoming IUI/IVF/ICSI treatment cycle, including any specific treatments, injection techniques and medications. It is best to arrange for the appointment to be about a week before you expect your period in the cycle that you plan to start a treatment cycle.
  • an administration sessionto explain the costs associated with your treatment, and to answer any questions you have related to these. This will help you understand the fees involved, and explain the complexities of the Medicare Safety Net, medicare rebates and your final, out-of-pocket expenses.
  • a counselling session with both partners, to discuss treatment and various aspects of IVF. You may have faced many frustrations, disappointments and investigations before coming to Hunter IVF. Once started, the treatment can be physically and emotionally taxing, and waiting for results can be stressful. Our counsellor is here for you at any stage of your treatment, even at short notice, if you need to discuss things or explore ways of coping.

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