Fertility Services

The journey to parenthood is not always as easy as you might hope. If you’ve found it’s taking longer than you expected, be assured you’re not alone. There are many different fertility treatments available to help you achieve your dream of having a baby, and they are all available at Hunter IVF.

At Hunter IVF you’ll have the support of experienced local fertility specialists who are also part of Australia’s largest group of fertility experts, scientists and nurses. We’re dedicated to giving you the best possible chance of starting your family and have access to some the most advanced and effective fertility treatments available in Australia.

If you’ve been trying for 12 months or more (or 6 months if you are aged over 35), we do recommend you seek advice from a fertility specialist.

The first step is to undergo a number of routine tests and procedures, to identify any specific issues before we develop a treatment plan for you.

Find out what's involved in your first appointment with a fertility specialists, and typically the type of tests organised for him and her. Find out more »

Common fertility treatments offered at Hunter IVF include Ovulation Induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI and PGD. FInd out more »

Find out about using donated eggs, sperm or embryos; about becoming an egg or sperm donor; and about surrogacy. Read more »

We are able to freeze eggs and sperm to safeguard future fertility for both women and men. Find out more »

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