Fertility Counselling

Helping you make the best decisions with advice and support

Fertility treatment can sometimes feel like a roller coaster of emotional and physical ups and downs. At Hunter IVF, counselling service works in conjunction with the medical and nursing team to support you throughout your journey.

Our comprehensive and confidential counselling service is provided to all patients undergoing infertility treatment, including those considering IVF and past patients who'd like further support.

Our fertility counsellor, Marlene Mina, is a social worker with specialised skills and experience in the field of infertility, reproductive grief and couples counselling. Marlene provides support to all Hunter IVF patients and recommends pre-treatment counselling to understand the normal effects of treatment so you are best prepared to manage the potential stress and emotional impact of dealing with fertility issues.

Individual and couple counselling is available to help overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing with your treatment, feelings or relationships. Marlene also facilitates several groups, connecting you with people who understand what you are going through, and who can listen and advise. She also hosts practical workshops regularly.

Hunter IVF's supportive counselling can help you:

  • Prepare for fertility treatments, and explore the options and implications when making decisions about starting, changing or stopping treatments
  • Cope with the emotional impact of treatment
  • Work on relationship issues that may arise as a result of treatment or may be affecting your treatment
  • Cope with unsuccessful treatment cycles or pregnancy losses
  • Work on coping strategies for dealing with other people's pregnancies, births and children
  • Respond to the reactions of families, friends and work colleagues
  • Explore ways to help you feel more in control, and
  • Manage the anxieties of pregnancy and preparation for parenthood.

Donor counselling

If you are considering using donor gametes – be it eggs, sperm or embryos, you may at first feel overwhelmed by the number of issues they need to consider when thinking about creating a family through genetic material provided by a donor. Counselling helps you consider your emotional responses to this decision, the implications of having a donor conceived child, your attitudes towards disclosure to the child, family, friends, and extended networks, and the legislation regarding donor conception.

Our specialist donor counselling team can help you with decision making, and is available for the mandatory counselling sessions you will need to undertake.

We can provide information and support with regards to considerations such as:

  • Implications of having a donor-conceived child
  • Disclosure to the child, family, friends and extended networks
  • Legislation regarding donor conception
  • Considering the possible needs of the donor-conceived child
  • Managing relationships/future contact with donors

Genetic Counselling

Some people need IVF with PGD or donor treatment because they, or members of their family, have a specific genetic condition that they want to avoid passing on to their children. If this is the case, our genetic counsellors can discuss the treatment options available, and the implications of each form of treatment.

We are able to provide reassurance through testing and counselling, to help you understand and adjust to a genetic diagnosis in your family. We can look at possible treatment options, including IVF using Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to identify embryos carrying a particular condition, or the use of donor eggs or sperm to minimise the chance of passing on a genetic condition.

If you have any genetic concerns, please discuss these with your Hunter IVF fertility specialist at your first appointment.

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