The Hunter IVF Difference

Australia's #1 for fertility

As part of Virtus Health, Hunter IVF have created more babies than any other fertility provider.

Our leading fertility specialists are the most experienced in the Newcastle region and working with you will develop a personalised treatment plan to give you, your best chance of having a baby.

IVF treatment from just $1500

At Hunter IVF we offer a simplified treatment model that uses fewer fertility drugs and hormones to create a smaller number of good quality embryos, which for suitable patients gives an excellent chance of pregnancy success. Read more about the costs of fertility treatment >

Access to advanced scientific techniques

If you have more complex or challenging fertility issues, we can also provide access to a wide range of advanced reproductive technology including:

  • Digital high magnification to overcome extreme male factor infertility
  • Oosight technology (Polscope) to assess the structure of the egg before fertilisation
  • Embryoscope to record the development of embryos and identify those more likely to result in a pregnancy
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis to test embryos for specific genetic or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Advanced Embryo Selection to screen all 24 chromosomes in a developing embryo and selectively implant only the ones that are chromosomally normal
  • Assisted hatching which uses a laser to thin the outer shell of the egg and make implantation easier
  • Natural Killer Cell Testing for patients who have experienced repeated miscarriage or repeat IVF failure

Comprehensive donor program

We can help anyone needing donor eggs, sperm, embryos or a surrogate to have a baby. We are part of the largest de-identified sperm donor program in New South Wales.

Fertility preservation

We can also assist in preserving your fertility for the future including freezing eggs, sperm or embryos for medical or social reasons.

A range of treatment options in one convenient location

We offer a range of treatment options from the very simple such as ovulation cycle tracking to help you fall pregnant naturally, to simplified IVF and right through to the most complex advanced scientific techniques. Best of all you can have all your treatment conducted locally in one convenient location. Our clinic for your consultation and monitoring appointments, our purpose built laboratory and specialist partner, Newcastle Private Day Hospital, are all located within the grounds of the John Hunter Hospital.

If it is taking you longer than expected to fall pregnant we encourage you to book an appointment with a leading fertility specialist. They can assess your situation and guide you on the treatment options to give you, your best chance of having a baby.

Appointments are usually available within a couple of weeks and will cost approximately $150 out of pocket for a couple after the Medicare rebate. Call 1800 111 483 or email us.

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