About Fertility

Conceiving a baby isn’t always easy. In Australia, one in six couples experience some sort of difficulty when trying to start a family, and this is where Hunter IVF can help.  We offer expert advice, support and, if necessary, fertility treatment. If you have been trying for a baby for more than 12 months without success (or six months if you are over 35 years of age) come and talk with us.

First, you might find it useful to understand more about how your reproductive system works, and the different factors that can affect your fertility – and what you can do to maximise your chances of conceiving.

There are many ways to increase your chances of conceiving. Find out about pre-pregnancy health and understanding your ovulation cycle. Learn more »

Understand how the female reproductive system works, and what can cause female infertility – conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS. Learn more »

Around 40% of infertility cases are due to problems with male infertility. Understand how the male reproductive system works, and what affects sperm count or quality. Learn more »

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