The Facts about Fertility

Hunter IVF is calling on all women to understand their own fertility

As Newcastle's fertility experts we know how important it is to make sure women are fully informed about their own fertility - how long it will last and what they can do to boost it. If you might want to have a baby one day, make sure you know this:


Lifestyle impacts on fertility

There are many lifestyle factors that affect your fertility, such as weight, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. We can help you sort the fact from the fiction when it comes to what can and cannot affect your fertility. Find out more...

What's my chance of falling pregnant?

Have you ever wondered what your chance of falling pregnant each month is? We can help you calculate it in 6 questions.
Find out now...

Trying to fall pregnant?

1 in 6 couples will experience difficulties when trying to conceive. Give yourself the best chance by knowing your fertile window - when you should be having sex if you want to fall pregnant. We can help you work this out. Find out how...

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